Painful Chest Infection? Two Reasons A Remedial Massage Will Help You Heal

When the temperatures plummet during the winter months, the chances of catching a nasty cold rise thanks to the number of germs floating around. Colds often turn into chest infections, and as someone who is struggling with the pain of a chest infection, you want relief now. Medication helps to break chest infections up, but a fast natural remedy to help drain the fluid away involves going for a remedial massage. Remedial massage helps your body heal in two different ways, so it is worthwhile to consider whether or not one could help you.

Massage Increases Circulation

The biggest benefit of having a massage when you are not feeling well is the increase in circulation your body experiences both during and after it takes place. As you are receiving your massage, the push of the hands against your body helps to speed up the flow of blood and oxygen around your body's internal system. When your system rate is increased, your metabolic rate also speeds up. The faster your metabolic rate, the quicker you can eliminate toxins from your body. These toxins include the germs that are making you ill, so a speedy exit will reduce your illness time.

Additionally, increased circulation helps to break up the congestion that is sitting in your chest area. The circulation will push oxygen into the inflamed area, and the oxygen helps to break apart the lumps of phlegm that are caught in your chest. The smaller the phlegm becomes, the easier it is for it to be expelled from your body.

Massage Increases Relaxation

As well as having a physical impact on your illness, massage is going to help you relax at a time that you need it most. Constant coughing to try and clear away the phlegm that is sitting in your chest is going to leave your muscles feeling sore and tired. As the increased circulation after a massage moves oxygen into these sore muscles, they will begin to stop cramping and then relax.

When your muscles are no longer cramped, you will find that you can sleep easier, and sleep is a great way to give your body the time it needs to heal after an infection has attacked it.

As soon as your doctor lets you know that you are no longer contagious (because it's obviously not nice to make a massage therapist sick), go and have a remedial massage to help speed up your healing process.

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