Natural Band Aids

Natural health includes techniques that keep the body healthy and healing injuries through natural remedies. Despite all the progress in the field of medicine, people are inclining towards natural health care techniques because they have fewer or no side effects and are environment friendly.

Here, you can learn more about using natural bandaids as a way to enjoy the benefits of natural health. The following are simple, natural band-aids to use in emergency situations.

1. Chicken egg membranes: Experimentally proven that chicken egg membrane is used to heal the cuts. If you want to use an egg to tend to a cut, crack the egg and peel off the membrane from the shell. Put the membrane on the skin. The membrane will stick with the skin and cover the wound. When the wound is healed, put warm water over the area to remove the membrane. 

2. Lamb's ear: It's a soft and flexible plant belonging to the mint family of plants. Due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties, this plant remained in use for dressing in ancient times. The woolly leaves of the plant absorb blood from the wound and help in blood clotting and cleansing the wound.

3. Marsh woundwort: This plant also belongs to the mint family. As the name suggests, this wildflower has been in use since the past to heal wounds and cuts. It has antispasmodic properties and helps in curing joint pains.

4. Natural bandages: The American chemical society has developed an all-natural bandage that heals wounds in a similar way as the body does. The scientists at Virginia commonwealth university have used the electrospinning technique to create a nanofiber mat that can be placed on the wounds. This mat contains the same chemical that the body uses in blood clotting and healing. The mat is placed on the wound directly and starts blood clotting. When the wound is healed, the mat is absorbed by the skin. If you would rather buy something from the store to add to your first-aid kit, there are natural bandaid options. These types of bandaids are what you might be used to except they are made from more eco-friendly materials. 


In case you get a cut or wound, the first priority is to stop the bleeding and protect it from bacteria and infection. If you find yourself in such a situation with no first aid, these four options can help until a medical professional can address the situation.

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